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Get involved with the Museum of Health

Whether you live in Toowoomba or the Darling Downs, have connection to the area or just love history, there are plenty of important ways you can show your support and get involved with the museum.


Volunteers play an important role in the development of our museum and management of our collection.

A great way to help care for and celebrate our region’s history of medicine and healthcare is to become a member of our Friends of the Museum.

As a Friend of the Museum you’ll:

  • Help make it happen: From behind-the-scenes tasks to hands-on projects, you'll contribute to the growth and development of the museum.
  • Safeguard our artefacts: Play a key role in caring for and managing our collection, ensuring that the stories of our health history are preserved for generations to come.
  • Be there for our visitors: When we officially open the doors to the Museum of Health, you’ll be able to ensure our visitors have a memorable experience, help with exhibitions and events.

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Your support can help us develop our museum, care for and grow our collection, and bring the stories of our health history to Queensland.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


Share your story

Do you, your family, or someone you know have a connection with Baillie Henderson Hospital, Toowoomba Hospital, Toowoomba Mother’s Hospital, or the first hospitals built across the Darling Downs such as the Warwick Hospital originally built in 1866.

We’d love to hear from you.

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